Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Teaching load. Consistent with University workload and compensation policies, credit for teaching technology-enhanced, distance learning, or ITV classes is apportioned based on in-class contact hours or the equivalent, regardless of the modality of instruction.

Class size for distance learning classes. Class size should be consistent with high student-teacher interactivity and should be determined through normal faculty procedures to ensure high educational quality.

Faculty compensation for teaching a technology enhanced course. In general faculty will not receive additional compensation above their regular salaries for teaching technology-enhanced courses. In some cases, as agreed upon by all parties prior to the course development, faculty teaching a technology-enhanced course for the first time may receive an additional stipend as an incentive to participate in important University programs.

Faculty compensation for developing course materials.A compensation agreement for faculty course developers will be included in every formal course development plan. Depending on the scope of the plan and available resources, compensation may consist of: 1) no additional compensation; 2) provision of a stipend to be agreed upon by all parties; 3) provision of course release time as approved by a department/school director and dean; 4) a grant to develop a course. Provision of a stipend, grant, or course release time has legal implications on course ownership; please refer to the Educational Technology Intellectual Property Policy.

Preparation to teach technology-enhanced course. No instructor will be assigned to teach a technology-enhanced course without being offered the opportunity for appropriate training and support.

Faculty training.

Encouragement to attend training. All faculty developing or teaching technology-enhanced courses are encouraged to attend faculty development workshops targeted to their level of expertise.

Technical training. The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology will hold regular faculty training and development events. These events will be publicized on the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology website, and in appropriate university publications. Events will be designed to cover all levels of user preparation, from beginner through advanced. Events will cover many types of educational technologies, including classroom technologies, ITV course delivery, and web-based or web-enhanced course delivery.

Pedagogical support and training. The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology will also offer workshops on non-technological topics such as use of copyrighted material, on-line pedagogy, assessment of course pedagogy, secure assessment in an on-line environment, and stimulating class discussion in an online format.

Compensation for training. Faculty will generally not receive financial compensation for attending training. Exceptions may be made in the case of special workshops targeted to the development of an online course, in which faculty agree to develop or teach an online course shortly after the completion of the training.

Videotaping of ITV training sessions. ITV training activities are videotaped in order to provide feedback to the participants and to maintain a record of training sessions. Videotapes of group activities and of instructors' individual practicum sessions are used for instructional purposes in the course of the training.

Ownership of training videotapes. Videotapes of group activities are retained by the Director of Educational Technology. Videotapes of instructors' individual practicum sessions become the property of the individual instructor after the training is completed.

Privacy with respect to training videotapes. Videotapes of group activities and of instructors' individual practicum sessions may not be shown in future training workshops without the consent of the instructors who appear in the videotapes.

Prohibition against use of training materials for instructor evaluation. Technology training materials, including ITV training videotapes, may not be used for purposes of individual evaluation of instructors without the consent of the instructors.




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