What do I need to use in order to project my computer to my class?

You need a VGA cable. Please contact your department for a VGA cable or call Instructional Media at ext. 2360 for the Metropolitan campus. Florham campus users please contact Instructional Media at ext. 8526.

What do I need in order to play audio from my computer?

You will need to have an audio cable as well. This cable is a “mini jack” which is standard headphone jack that is male to male on both ends.

What if I want to show a movie in my classroom?

If showing a DVD you can use your laptop. Make sure you have a VGA and audio cable in order to project the image and play sound. If using a VCR tape you must connect the outputs of the VCR to respective video inputs located on the wall plate of your classroom.

Help! I can not get my laptop image to project, what can I do?

There are a number of reasons why a laptop does not establish a proper connection with the projector. Here are a number of the most frequent solutions:

Ensure your VGA cable is properly connected to your laptop and that it is not loose or damaged.

Try to toggle the display on your computer. The new FDU Lenovo ThinkPads switch between displays by selecting the Windows and P keys together at the same time on your laptop.

If you are using a different brand of laptop it may be a different key. Click here for a list of computer brands and their display toggle keys. (FDU does not support external laptops!)

Check that the projector is displaying the right input. Select COMP from the remote panel and look for the projector to display INPUT 1.

Change the resolution on your screen. Select Start Menu/Control Panel/Display/Settings and move the slider to 1024x768 or lower.

The picture on the projector is cutting and does not show my entire screen. What do I do?

Your screen resolution is not matching up correctly with the projector. Select FN+F7 on FDU Lenovo computers and try selecting a different resolution setting.




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