ITV Meeting Policy

ITV Meeting Policy
This policy pertains only to the ITV rooms managed by the Office of Academic Technology (on the Metro campus DH 2245 and DH 1132, and in Florham dreyfuss 214 and Sarah Sullivan). For policies pertaining to other rooms, please contact the individuals responsible for the relevant rooms.

Ending your meeting on time - Please be sensitive to the fact that other meetings are often scheduled immediately after the end of yours, and the participants in these meetings also have busy schedules and important business to discuss. Even when there is no meeting scheduled after yours, our employees must properly close the room and shut down the equipment and therefore must wait for you to finish before they can move on to other activities. Therefore, when your meeting time has come to an end, you must vacate the room. Individuals who or groups that fail to vacate the room in a timely fashion more than two times will not be allowed to book the ITV room for future meetings.

Cancellation policy - Please let us know as soon as possible if you must cancel a meeting, but at least 24 hours prior to your meeting. Individuals who cancel more than two meetings without notifying the Office of Academic Technology will not be allowed to book the ITV room for future meetings.

Meeting conflicts: Meetings are usually scheduled solely on a first-come, first-served basis. If somebody else has booked a meeting when you need the ITV room, you must negotiate with the host of the conflicting meeting. The Office of Academic Technology will not intervene.

Class priority for DH 1132 and dreyfuss 214 - Also please note that classes always have priority over meetings in DH 1132 and dreyfuss 214, and if a scheduled class time conflicts with a desired meeting time, you should find another suitable time for your meeting.

ITV priority for DH 2245 - DH 2245 is also available for scheduling non-ITV meetings or events. However if ITV capability is needed at the same time, you will be asked to find another room. The rationale for this policy is that there are many other non-ITV rooms, but only two ITV rooms on the Metropolitan campus.

Scheduling meetings - No meetings will be scheduled for ITV until after the ITV course schedule for that semester has been finalized. You may request your meeting in advance, but if a class ends up being scheduled at the same time as your meeting you will need to re-schedule your meeting. Classes always get first priority for ITV scheduling.

Inter-campus meetings - If you are scheduling an inter-campus meeting between the College at Florham and the Metropolitan Campus, you must request the ITV at least 24 hours prior to your meeting. This lead-time is necessary in order for the Office of Academic Technology to allocate appropriate personnel to the ITV room. You may schedule such meetings by calling the Office of Academic Technology at x7060/7061 on the Metropolitan campus.

ITV Classrooms: Food & Drink Policy.
The ITV classrooms in DH 1132 and dreyfuss 214 contain sensitive and expensive equipment that could easily be damaged by spilled drinks or contamination by food particles. Also, the rooms do not receive regularly scheduled janitorial service. For these reasons:
No food or drink is allowed under any circumstances in DH 1132 and dreyfuss 214. Sealed containers are allowed provided that the container is not opened at any time while in the ITV classroom. If you are observed with food or drink you will be asked to remove this item from the ITV classroom.

Instructors are asked to enforce the no food or drink policy with the students in their classes, If members of a given class repeatedly violates this policy, the instructor will not be permitted to schedule the ITV classroom for future classes.

DH 2245 is configured differently and has different equipment, and as such food will be allowed in DH 2245. Any buffet set-up should be done in the adjoining kitchen area. Please ensure that all guests or meeting attendees exercise care with the food, and keep the food at the table area.


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