University Policy and Procedures for Data Projectors

1. All University projector requests should go through the Office of Academic Technology.

2. Maintaining University standards and risk management issues - All projectors should be alarmed & secured and should be installed with a Pixie Control unit.

3. The departments and offices must consult with the Office of Academic Technology when they plan to install projectors as this office is the only point of contact with the vendors for projector installations, OAT will coordinate with all the vendors involved.

4. The Office of Academic Technology and OIRT will be responsible for maintaining the projectors installed ONLY in Public classrooms e.g. bulb replacements and repairs etc. Projectors in Labs and classrooms used for a specific college or department will have to be maintained by the relevant department or college. OAT must be notified if in case a standard approved projector needs repair. The department or college requesting repair must provide a budget number.

5. OIRT and OAT will not be responsible for any incomplete projector installation projects unless either of the above mentioned offices have been notified of the installations from the very beginning of the project.

6. The projector models must be approved by OIRT. If a department decides to purchase or install a projector other than the approved model or does not follow the set university standards of installation e.g. alarming and pixie control it will not be supported by either OIRT or OAT.


OAT needs to keep a record of all the serial numbers of the projectors and their exact locations. This is for risk management purposes If people don’t tell us they’re putting them in, how will we know?

If the projector installations are centrally managed we can make sure that people understand up front that they need to consider total projector lifespan costs in their calculations. E.g. they need to pay telephone charges monthly to AACOM they are responsible for bulbs, repairs, etc. People almost never think of these things when they buy projectors.

These are complicated projects involving several vendors, coordination, and more money than most people think about. It just makes sense to manage this centrally with only limited points of contact with the vendors.



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