Getting Started

1. Create a Webmail account at

Select “Create New Account” and following the guided instructions to create your FDU Webmail account. Make sure your password is a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 8 characters. If you have any problems contact UTAC 24/7 at (973) 443-8822.

2. To access your online courses. Point your web browser
(NOTE: It takes 24 hours for a new Webmail account to have access to Webcampus.
Please wait 24 hours if you just created an account!!!)

3. Login to Webcampus with your Webmail username and password. (Please use your FULL Webmail login. Ex:

4. Check your courses under the "My Courses" module

5. Select the class you wish to view content.

You will be taken to your course announcements page with links to other portions of your class.

For any technical assistance please call UTAC at (973) 443-8822.




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